What is a "seasonal supervisor" job at Vacation Niseko?

Seasonal staff at Vacation Niseko are placed in different locations. Furthermore, full-time staff cannot be in all those locations every day of the week.

Seasonal supervisors arrive in Niseko earlier, get longer training and during the season act as an intermediary between the full-time staff and the seasonal staff as required.

Seasonal supervisors would first and foremost be Front Desk Officers, see corresponding blog post, responsible for making sure that the guests have a great experience during their stay. However, we expect seasonal supervisors to have a deeper understanding of the systems and procedures. As a result they would be more involved in the daily operations.

For example:

  • Seasonal supervisors participate in the training of other seasonal staff when they arrive in December.

  • Seasonal supervisors act as a reference for other seasonal staff when the full-time staff are away.

  • Seasonal supervisors monitor and report the overall quality of customer service provided by all staff.

  • Seasonal supervisors order various supplies (e.g. pastry deliveries, ethanol stocks) according to the previously agreed delivery schedule.

  • Seasonal supervisors correspond with guests directly by e-mail.

A seasonal supervisor's ideal profile:

  • Is an enthusiastic, dynamic, reliable, collaborative, leader

  • Has 2 seasons experience in hospitality in luxury properties or other ski resorts

  • Has experience in a supervisory / manager position in hospitality - references required upon application

  • Has traveled in several regions of the world and has demonstrated understanding of other cultures

  • Has some Japanese proficiency

  • Has a valid International Driving license and experience on driving on snow

While this is the ideal profile it doesn't mean that someone with other exceptional talents would not be considered.

Working period:

  • beginning or middle of November until end of March (Full season)

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