A short reflection on my season....

After a long and thorough meditation I decided to make the leap and chase one of my dreams.  I always wanted to do a season and focus the full winter on the hobby I love most, skiing. Well known for its powder, beautiful nature and people, I decided the best place to pursue my goal was Japan. I paused my routine life and took a 37 hour flight from my home in the southern part of Chile to the north of Japan. During my stay in Japan I worked the front desk and was a concierge driver. Even as a non-native English speaker with very poor Japanese skills language was never an impediment when doing my job. Thanks to the supervisors I never felt under pressure because of language.  The staff was very comprehensive and always helpful in case I was missing something. Since most seasonal staff are from Australia I was struggling a bit at the beginning with the accent but after a couple weeks it got better!

After a day on the mountain, my favorite activity was definitely going to onsens. There are a lot of options in Niseko and it is the perfect place to meditate and relax the muscles. Ramen and a cold beer were also good partners during my stay in Niseko.

The experience of living and working on the mountain in Niseko is going to last forever in my memory and if I had the chance to do it again I would definitely do it. Besides everything related to the work, snow & food,  what I think I will miss most about Japan is the people. Japanese culture is a treasure, there is so much to learn. After the snow was gone and the green began to dominate the landscape I decided to stay and work in Japan. Now I’m on a farm as a seasonal worker. I also travel around Hokkaido and then perhaps I will go backpacking through Japan.  The adventure continues...

Jose B. 2019-20

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